Floor Lamp Battle

Happy Monday! I know I’ve been quiet around here. The truth? I’ve found settling back into life in Brisbane hard. I haven’t been in the most sunny frame of mind – so I didn’t want to get on here and be a sad sack.

We’re back in our apartment now though so I’ve been able to focus on something else I love – interiors! I’ve been a frequent visitor to my local lighting shops and absolutely cannot make up my mind about these two beautiful floor lamps.

It’s a battle – which would you choose?

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4 Responses to Floor Lamp Battle

  1. Paul R says:

    Hi Clare,
    Welcome back. I like the one on the right for lounge/dining type areas and the left one for office area. (although the one on the left seems a bit obvious and not unique, if that makes sense & doesn’t feel as nice and stylish/subtle as the one on the right) Hope that helps.

  2. Gaye says:

    The one on the left! More of a statement piece I think, not that I know much about this sort of thing!

  3. Diane Lancaster says:

    the one on the right, less likely to date I think :)

  4. sue says:

    loving the lamp on the right!

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